Bunch Florist


Aloe! Aloe! Aloe!

From succulent planters to cacti gardens, our charming
collection brings colour and warmth to any home.


At Bunch, we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants accompanying
all manner of pots and planters. We’ve included below a selection of some of
our popular products. We have many more plants and planters, so please
contact is if you would like something bespoke or specific.

To order, please contact us via email or phone, or purchase online.
We require 48 hours to process plant orders.

Our resident Woodsmith Nigel Lake creates all of our wooden planters using
sustainably sourced wood. We advise ordering ahead of time as these items
are very popular, and sometimes Nigel needs time to collect new material to
create the planters.


Gifts & Bespoke Wooden Wizardry

Nigel Lake - Master of wood

Nigel Lake has been creating masterpieces with wood for over 30 years. He will create personalised bespoke designs to suit your requirements. Nigel and Bunch have worked together to produce beautiful unique designs that bring wood and flowers together harmoniously. We only have a small handful of photos of Nigel's work compared to what he has actually made over the years. You are very welcome to pop in to the shop to peruse at his collection and feel free to inquire about what he could do for you!
An example of products Nigel has made include things like bird tables, garden benches, stickmen, coffee tables, shelving units, garden chairs, small to large wooden mushroom's and the list just goes on. You can contact Nigel directly on 07 9529 55040.


Please contact us If you can't decide or need some help.

11 The Square, Broad Street, Staple Hill, Bristol BS16 5LR
0117 956 7475 / info@bunchflorist.com