Bunch Florist


About us

Bunch Florist has been bringing colour and perfume to Bristol
and beyond for the last five years.


Bunch Florist
11 The Square
Broad Street
Staple Hill 
BS16 5HL

0117 956 7475

Monday - Friday
09.30 - 17.00

09.30 - 16.00


Award Winning Floristry

As well as classical arrangements, we at Bunch have been commissioned to design a number of unique floral tributes ranging from a fire breathing dragons to steam trains.

We were also asked to provide flowers for Princess Anne on two separate occasions, marking both the opening of a new birthing unit at Cossham Hospital and the inauguration of a brain injury unit in Frenchay (Bristol).


Our Roots

It all began with my grandmother sneaking plant cuttings from public gardens. Since then, my love of flowers has grown into a career, graduating with level 2 and 3 National and Advanced National certificate in Floristry from Lackham Agricultural College, and opening Bunch Florist – my very own flower shop with a dedicated team of friendly and helpful staff.

Terms & Conditions

Due to the perishable nature of our products there may be some instances where when the flowers do not last as long as expected. In that case, and under reasonable circumstances, we will would give you a refund, but we do ask our customers to return the flowers within a day to days in order to resolve the issue in one to two days.

There may be a case where times when we were unable aren’t able to source a particular fresh product for an order. This might be down to be due to unforeseen weather conditions stunting or destroying a crop or simply that they were seasonally unavailable. In this situation, we would need to use our expertise to provide you with a suitable substitute recommend a backup.

We will always do our best to notify customers as soon as is reasonably possible as soon as reasonably possible of any changes we might need to make to we need to make any amendments to your orders. These changes could be related to the product or a delivery etc.

Any complaints would need to be dealt with Georgina. You can either send a letter, email or give us a call.

11 The Square, Broad Street, Staple Hill, Bristol BS16 5LR
0117 956 7475 / info@bunchflorist.com